The Basics

OpCoast is a privately-held high-technology company located in Brick, NJ. Our client list includes large and small companies as well as several governmental and US Department of Defense agencies. With numerous patents, patents-pending and reviewed publications within the area, we specialize in custom development of solutions in across a range of topics within the scope of distributed systems. This includes:

  • Networking and wireless systems
    • Ad hoc wireless routing protocols and algorithms, including systems using directional antennas.
    • Very low power and acoustic signal networking.
    • Our wide-area congestion avoidance system, named NetFunnel, has been patented.
  • Modeling and analysis
    • Development of custom models and analysis for advanced, wireless information management layers using commercial and open source tools
    • Development of RF propagation analysis leveraging GPGPUs. Advanced sensor and jammer device modeling coupled to this analysis. task scheduling and system co-design and optimization.
  • Software and database systems
    • Development of web and platform specific (e.g. Windows) applications utilizing remote database access in a variety of programming languages (C++, C#, Java, etc.)
  • Security and lawful interception
    • Development of comprehensive analyses and approaches to the difficulties faced by the military and commercial customers in multi-level security and international lawful interception systems.

Short Biographies of Key Company Staff

Dr. David L. Rhodes, Founder, received the B.S.E.E degree from Rutgers University in 1980, an M.S.E.E. degree from Princeton University in 1982 and Ph.D. in 1999 also from Princeton. He joined RCA Laboratories/David Sarnoff Research Center in June of 1980. There he primarily worked on CAD for microwave applications including the areas of simulation, optimization, data visualization, and statistical design techniques. Until March 1997 he was with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) located at Fort Monmouth, NJ finally as Branch Chief of Solid State Electronics in the Sensors and Electronics Directorate. He was with the US Army’s CECOM Research and Development Center until November 2002. He is now with OpCoast, a company he founded focusing on networking and distributed software and systems. He is also an adjunct Professor at Monmouth University, teaching in the Information Technology department. He has co/written over forty peer-reviewed articles for either journal or conference publication in a variety of technical areas and has acted as conference or session chair for a variety of technical conferences. He has patents/patents-pending in the areas of semiconductor fabrication, computer memory architecture, networking and modeling. He has extensive technical and program management experience. Dr. Rhodes was elected senior member of IEEE in 1998.
Dr. Benjamin Epstein, VP Special Projects, has served as an officer in technology start-ups related to broadband media and communications. He served as VP of Business Development at France Telecom’s US operation, overseeing their investment activities in North America and the roll out of new international data communications and video services. Dr. Epstein also spent eight years as Member Technical Staff at Sarnoff Corp. (formerly RCA Laboratories), where he executed projects involving RF/microwave systems design, simulation, and testing, as well as supercomputer applications in intelligence analysis. Dr. Epstein is a Senior Member of the IEEE (Computers, Communications groups), and also a member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, SCTE, and AAAS, with numerous publications on the topics of nonlinear simulation, circuit fault analysis, and RF/microwave propagation. He holds the Ph.D. degree (University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), MBA (NY University Stern School of Business), and the BS in Electrical Engineering (University of Rochester).